Of late I have been feeling like a bullock. A bullock is a castrated bull. I am not mad, let me explain. I have been experiencing a dry spell, dirty minds please this is not a sexual dry spell. I am having a words drought. Writers call it writers block. It is like a disease, the worst disease a writer could possibly have. Its symptoms vary with the intensity of the block. To the extreme ,one experiences insomnia, hair falling out, acne soldiers darting out (these are those huge ugly looking face pimples) , loss of body weight or gain of body weight( it depends with the kind of body that the writer has) and grumpy moods. Okay, let me not falsely lead you on, the symptoms are all lies except one. I’ll reveal the truth by the end of this piece. Stay on for the big reveal.

What happens when you have writers block is that your brain freezes. You don’t get mad. You just lose your creativity for some time. You lack the inspiration to write. Words that loved and cherished you flee. They find another lover. This new lover is always better looking than you. They probably use a Mac to write and definitely they don’t do typos. They value the words to the point of not making spelling mistakes. They of course don’t use auto correct because they have a point to prove. The point being that they truly have feelings for the words and they do not want anything to come between them and the words. Of course to get your words back is a big tussle. Some writers never get them back for years. Others only need a day to get them back. You have to woo them back. Take them out on nature walks. Make a promise never to use auto-correct and never to misspell them. Assure them that you will always try to use an emoji at least for one paragraph. Emojis to words are like makeup to some women. They make the words look more beautiful and inviting. They conceal the true nature of the words and reveal only the desired aspects of these words.

I have not gotten my words back, it is probably because I have not wooed them. I don’t know how to keep promises so I have not made any to my words. I would have taken them out for a nature walk but I really do not have the time. Thing is, am taking an accounting course and it is really time consuming. I did not envision myself as an accountant while growing up. I always wanted a fun job. Probably a travelling job. A pilot to be precise. I wanted to be the guy who could fly and sing with the birds. A boy can dream. I sat on my dream and so here I am writing about a dream that never was. I don’t see myself as an accountant in the future. It just isn’t in me. Yes I do go to school. Yes I do pass my exams, yet I am faced with a predicament that so many people my age face. We are taking courses that are not in line with who we really are and what we really want for ourselves (please factor out money). And who are you? You possibly the only one who can best answer that. If you can’t then you are still on the journey to self-discovery. Hang on tight, life will unveil who you truly are. As for me, I am growing and dreaming, my last dream was living a life of eat, sleep, write then rewind. Will I sit on this dream? I don’t know, only AIESEC WEEK will tell. Are you faced with the same dilemma, are you passionate about something that is totally out of line with your career. Are you at crossroads on what to do and what to follow? Fret no more. AIESEC WEEK has got you covered. Mark your calendar folks, from 23rd to 26th April. Sign up for the event and all your questions will be answered. Okay not all, but most. The link is below. Signing up is free guys. The event is also free. You just need to avail yourself on the said dates.
My space
First , you must have realised the GOT poster had nothing to do with my post. Oops! I just can’t wait for season 8🤩..Sunday seems so far away yet near at the same time. We’ll just wait. Anyway ,thank you again for taking your time to visit this blogsite . Please do like , share and comment. I know you expected a story but shit happens , this time it was game of words shit. I don’t know when I’ll get cured , just hang on there and definitely I’ll tell you guys when I am. Please don’t forget to sign up for AIESEC WEEK .And yes , I haven’t forgotten ,I made a promise up there ..I guess I’ll have to keep it, drum rolls 🥁 (add the 20th century theme song , the one that comes just before you watch a lit movie , for full effect …pom pom pom..Dun da daaaaa dunda dunda da dun dadada !! Let me leave it at that)it’s ,the answer is …


19 thoughts on “GAME OF WORDS.

  1. You make the words look more beautiful and inviting. You conceal the true nature of the words and reveal only the desired aspects of these words. So dope! 👌

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  2. But…I expected a story…shit happens….
    I like the way you are planning to vibe your words back…come for some tips..i am the connoisseur 😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude ..I’m thinking of taking you on the offer but damn I don’t want sophiscated words , I won’t have a clue on how to treat them right and definitely they’ll dump me for this,😂
      I’m a simple word guy , I love words dressed in simple meanings and having plain faces I don’t do braggadocios words

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  3. The intro and conclusion is amazing,Some of us are in careers because of the money,we hadly enjoy what we studied at college.
    Keep it up bro,You have always been the best writer i know of.

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  4. Look who made it to this side finally 😂Great work , i love how i still yearned to get to the next sentence even after realising you really had no story for us today , objective achieved , capturing attention , kudos Apuko 👏👏👏


  5. First, you just said you couldn’t woo your words back, I saw quite an amount of words. Am I the only one?
    You do have a way with words…. This is just an exciting piece


  6. 👌👌This post😂😂
    I do hope your words come back to me, am rooting for your relationship!!! Though I have a feeling they already have started caving in…maybe buy them flowers??? 😊😊

    I love the thing about emojis😂😂Its so true. Whenever I text without an emoji I feel the words are sad😂😂

    And whoa!!! Talk about a turn😂 When you introduced AISEC I was like what the fuck😂😂When did turn around so suddenly to an invitation to a career fair😂😂

    Though I have to admit, I might just consider going to the fair…been having trouble knowing who I really am lately and what I want to do with my future so I guess thank you 😊

    Lastly!!!! How dare you!!! Misleading me with A GOT poster!!!!!


    1. Well Amanda I had to draw attention, n I guess I achieved just that 😅sorry for the wrong GOT call though. Okay I’m going to try flowers ..the big Q now is just which kind of flowers and please do come for the event .. you won’t regret it😊

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  7. * I meant come back to you in that first line
    But oh well, if they decide to come to me, am not saying I would not feel bad for you, but I sure will make them happy!!!😁😁


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