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To all visitors of the blog, WELCOME TO AUON BLOG. To all our loyal readers, welcome back. I hope your day has been fine thus far.

Today we’re super pumped to feature the individual who pioneered this very blog. Yes he has a name. Byron Apuko, TL 20.21 under the BCXP portolio gives us a glimpse of his experiences while a member of AIESEC in the University of Nairobi. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with his writing.


Picture this. You are in your first year in uni. Uni is supposed to be a fresh start for you. It is meant to be where you redefine yourself. You have always been a loner, always keeping to yourself. This is supposed to change. You are to go out, have fun, make loads of friends, kiss a girl, perhaps even drink and try weed. Basically, just live. Lord only…

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