Poetry ( sort of )

My Ex

My ex and I have a love and hate relationship

She loves me

 I hate her


Although I hate her

She fucks me, a lot

I let her do it

I don’t know how to stop her.


We met

From a tragedy

When I was eight

I didn’t want her

She was an after taste, of the tragedy


My ex is possessive

She likes me all to herself

She doesn’t like it when I talk to strangers

Make friends

Neither female

Nor male


Sometimes strangers break in

And we become friends

My ex hates that, so she works hard

To break the friendship

Remember the unanswered calls

The grey ticks , the blue ticks, the silent treatment

That was all her


My ex loves my body

She especially has a keen interest on my brain

She makes it overthink

This gives her the greatest joy

Her next favorite part is my fingers

She loves it when they tremble

Especially in front of strangers

You ask why I’m so silent

It’s cause she controls my voice , holds it hostage , silent


She is the reason

I can’t fuck anybody else

 When it gets to that point

She questions my body

Whether it’s worth giving

Worth pleasuring somebody else

My ex is a bad bitch

She plays me dirty , under the sheets

Makes it hard

To rise to the occasion


My ex is anxiety

I call her my ex

But in reality

She’s still here

Still hanging on

Clinging to me

Fucking with me


Not as frequent as before

I wonder when I’ll break free

Maybe we’re meant to be