I need a break from being alive I need a break from feeling I need a break from loving I need a break from being human Thoughts of yesterday Play in my head Good memories Fond times All overwhelmed By the dark cloud of uncertainty Of tomorrow I think a lot Of the now How […]


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It’s 10 pmYou are tired It’s cold Really cold You’re not used to this You need warmth You get to bed You snuggle Albeit All by yourself And try to sleep You need to sleep You close your eyes Your mouth And you start breathing Almost silently Your brain doesn’t close though It’s wide awake […]

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I am Okay …

I am scared. I am very scared. I am scared of your height. I am scared of your size. I am scared of your strength . I am scared of your voice. I am scared of me. I used to love your height and your size and your strength and your voice, especially in the […]

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The Meetup I

Laugh emoji sent , but I am crying inside. My heart is bleeding. Bleeding from hurt and guilt. She broke my heart, this explains the hurt. I didn’t see it coming , that explains the guilt. Now let’s not get too emotional , let’s back it up a bit. The day is 12th December 2016. […]

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I have a hard time describing T. This is where I would most probably ask you to close your eyes if I was making a presentation. But at the moment, I can’t. Imagine a chicken bbq pizza with lots of toppings, I hope you aint reading this when you are hungry. The pizza is yours to eat. You pick a slice, it’s your first slice. You have been craving for pizza for so long. Now open your mouth, you are supposed to salivate right now, but you don’t. hold up, we need a back story to explain why..

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